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NEWS!! Is coming...

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OK so stuff has been boiling away nicely, we've been writing, booking some recording sessions and some very exciting shows. While we can (won't) tell you just yet, keep in touch and we'll have some updates soon. There will be more releases and probably a photo shoot that involves dressing up. Maybe.

Love to you all x

In The Company Of Familiar Strangers

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Last night we had the pleasure of attending an exclusive playback of the new Pearl Jam album at The Arts Club in Mayfair. Not only did we get to hear their fantastic new record 'Lightning Bolt', but we were also treated to a Q&A session with the album's producer Brendan O'Brien. This is a man who's professional career has taken in stints working on some of the most inspiring albums of our past. From RHCP's 'Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic'... RATM's 'Evil Empire' & 'Renegades'... Audioslave... Incubus... the best Pearl Jam records, the list goes on.

To hear his take on working with such influential artists was fantastic, RATM couldn't stand each other when faced with a long session in a big, posh & expensive studio, but put them in crappy dive rehearsal space on the outskirts of LA and they're back to their best. Renting a house with the Chilli's to record BSSM... carving a friendship with Eddie Vedder who used to refer to him as 'Matt & Stone's friend'... this is a man who should write a biography.

'Lightening Bolt' is out this month and we urge you to have a listen if you like PJ.

Thanks to MBC for sorting and thanks to the Arts Club for the hangovers. x

LA X 2

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For all our friends across the pond, we're very excited to announce we will also be playing at Skinny's Lounge in Hollywood on April 9th. We're warmin' up for ya at the House Of Blues on April 7th so get ready for another evening full of blistering riffs and a patchwork poncho of harmonies. Plus, Josh will play the drums wearing a glass onesy if enough people ask. It will be difficult but he'll do it, because he's dedicated. We all are (but we won't all wear clothes made of glass for spiritual reasons).

See you there!

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